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The Story of

Shop Juju

Shop Juju is an extension of Juju Grooms, created and curated by Juju and Britney. We started Juju Grooms out of our Toronto apartment and it grew so much we expanded to a brick-and-mortar store.


Juju is an experienced, professional dog groomer and a certified Master feline groomer. Juju represents the very elite in the Toronto grooming community and through her skilled hands, you can expect nothing less than consistent perfection. Throughout her career, she has dedicated her time to developing her unique low-impact handling style and consistently improving her individual grooming style which her clients have come to trust and adore.​ Juju has quickly become one of the most sought-after names in the Toronto grooming scene. 

Britney is a trained and experienced interior decorator with a keen eye for interior design. She has created numerous websites and design concepts. She has an interest in art, fashion, and branding. As a partner to Juju both in life and business, she has dedicated herself to making Juju's goals and visions come to life through her various skillsets; creative design, decor, product sourcing and daily aspects of running a business. 

Shop Juju is a continuation of the business that we started in our home. Our focus is on your pet's best interests and overall experience. We are always looking to provide the best products for your pets to help enrich their lives. We offer a lot of unique pet products, local Canadian brands, hard to find items, and we strive to provide single ingredient healthy treats for your pets. 

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