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We're open! Come See Us At 801 Dundas Street West

Shop Juju will also be offering Grooming separate from Juju Grooms at the new location at 801 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON. The Grooming team at this location will continue to be led by Juju and the Retail team will continue to be led by Britney; they will be splitting their time between both locations to make sure that Juju Grooms and Shop Juju continue to provide the very best services for you and your pets. 


Our focus is your pet's best interests and overall experience. We are always looking to provide the best products for your pets to help enrich their lives. We offer a lot of unique pet products, local Canadian brands, hard to find items, and we strive to provide the best there is in pet food. We offer raw food, frozen cooked meals, freeze dried foods, single ingredient treats, specialty proteins like bugs and kangaroo, supplements and more. 

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