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Lead Groomer and Owner



Juju is passionate about changing how your pet experiences grooming. She strives to provide a calm, loving, and stress-free environment for your pets. Juju is all about a force-free approach with positive reinforcement with the hopes that your pet will begin to love grooming and look forward to coming every time. She specializes in difficult and senior pets, when dealing with these special cases she is patient, loving, and gentle. 

Outside of grooming, she loves taking care of all her plants, traveling the world, and spending time with her family. 



Operations Manager 


Britney handles the ​operations for both Juju Grooms & Shop Juju. Juju does the grooming and Britney runs the business aspects. Both stores are known for their aesthetically pleasing looks and cute merchandising which have been completely designed and selectively chosen by Britney herself. She designed and manages our websites; Britney is the look of Shop Juju & Juju Grooms.

Outside of Juju Grooms and Shop Juju, she loves fashion, vintage, antiques, and interior design. She also happens to be Juju's fiance. 

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Haneen has worked with groomers for almost 2 years. She manages the day-to-day operations of Shop Juju and chances are if you stop by, Haneen will gush over and definitely give love to your furry baby. With an international background, she has lived in Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi and now in Toronto. Haneen has rescued and taken in 2 cats, Mango & her three-legged cat, Arturo. Haneen is a big animal lover and fosters cats rescued by Toronto Cat Rescue. However, don’t be fooled; she is waiting for the day she can adopt her dream dog. 

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Laura is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, she has so much love and light in her it often spills over and changes your mood. Laura recently moved from Colombia, with her dog Carbón Versace AKA Carbi. Unlike many Canadians, Laura loves Toronto’s rainy and snowy days but what she loves most of all is bringing Carbi with her to the shop. If you stop by on the weekends, chances are you will get to meet Carbón Versace herself. She absolutely loves every pet that comes through our doors and she will let you know just how sweet your pup or cat is, especially if you have a pug, she is a pug mom after all.





Since Alexandra started to work at Shop Juju she has loved every minute of it. Meeting fur babies every day and getting to make sure they feel comfortable and safe from when they are dropped off and waiting with them for their parents to pick them up. She is also a dog parent to Oliver whom she loves so much and enjoys spending her free time with.


When she's not Shop Juju you will find her on long walks with Oliver at the harbour front or playing at the park with him. 


Dog & Cat Groomer


Wendy is an incredible highly experienced groomer, fun fact she trained Juju on how to be a groomer way back in 2011 when Juju was working as a bather. They share the same passion and ethos when it comes to their work and their love of animals. Wendy has been grooming dogs for 15 years and cats for 10 years. She is kind, compassionate, loving, patient, gentle and sincere. 

In her spare time she loves to go hiking with her husband and their 2 dogs, Kobe and Ellie, she also loves to snuggle up to her cat Maria at home. You can see her work on her Instagram.






Elif's favourite part of life has always been interacting with animals. After exploring almost every sector of the pet care industry, Elif realized combining her background in fine arts with the joy of caring for pets made perfect sense. Elif has a calm, empathetic nature that translates well through her patience and sensitivity to an animal's needs. It's important to her that our pets feel "heard" when they try to communicate with us. Even though she loves styling and scissor work, her focus remains on comfort and safety, your pet looking super cute is just a bonus. 

Elif specializes in dogs that require patience, love and affection for a stress-free groom. She has experience with anxious and squirmy dogs, which makes her especially suitable for puppies getting their first groom and senior dogs that require gentle patience. You can find her work on Instagram.





After graduating as a veterinarian in Ukraine, Lily has been grooming since 2019. She decided to try grooming and fell in love with this profession. She specializes in Classic and Asian styles, but she also enjoys working with double-coated breeds. She periodically attends advanced training at various masterclasses. She is an aesthete and perfectionist in her work. Lily specializes in Classic and Asian styles, but she also enjoys working with double-coated breeds

Outside of grooming, she loves art, enjoying nature, travelling the world, and spending time with her friends. You can check out her work on her Instagram.





Kate started grooming when she was in high school, and continued in college. She studied the industry including pet training, grooming, and more. She loved competing in grooming contests and dog shows with her Bichon Frise, Alpha, in Korea. She has dedicated herself to studying grooming skills for all breeds. Her first priority is to provide dogs with positive energy and experiences during their grooming sessions.

Kate has over 13 years of experience in Asian-style grooming and has taught many groomers in Korea before moving to Toronto. Kate specializes in curly-coated breeds like Bichons, Poodles and Doodle breeds to get that perfect teddy bear cut. You can find her work on Instagram.

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Ivy is the latest addition to our Paw-Some team! 

Ivy has been grooming for nearly 10 years and her passion for grooming grows every single day. Her own dog Thor influenced her career and gave her the passion to give great experiences to all dogs. Ivy’s calm temperament is critical when working with dogs that need careful handling and extra attention. 

Ivy’s specialities include the Teddy-bear cut and making your doodle look fabulous! She also loves breed clips for westies and poodles. Ivy wants to make sure every dog has an enjoyable time and also looking their best!





Having worked in various dog service positions, Jo knows just how to make your dog feel safe and comfortable during their groom. With her bright and bubbly personality, Jo is always ready to greet your fuzzy friend with a warm smile and lots of cuddles. She will also not be able to resist all the cuteness of your pets and will definitely be playing with them. 


When Jo isn't working, you can find her spending time with her dog, Miso. They'll go on long walks by the lakeshore or make musicals with all of Miso’s squeaky toys. Besides her love for Miso, Jo loves to cook, sew, thrift, and get lost in fabric stores. 

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