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Lead Groomer and Owner



Juju is passionate about changing how your pet experiences grooming. She strives to provide a calm, loving, and stress-free environment for your pets. Juju is all about a force-free approach with positive reinforcement with the hopes that your pet will begin to love grooming and look forward to coming every time. She specializes in difficult and senior pets, when dealing with these special cases she is patient, loving, and gentle. 

Outside of grooming, she loves taking care of all her plants, traveling the world, and spending time with her family. 



Operations Manager 


Britney is Juju Grooms Operations Manager, designer, and brand coordinator. She handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes for both Juju Grooms and Shop Juju like the website, store design, merchandising, and more. 

Outside of Juju Grooms and Shop Juju, she loves fashion, vintage, antiques, and interior design. She also happens to be Juju's fiance. 






Elif's favorite part of life has always been interacting with animals. After exploring almost every sector of the pet care industry, Elif realized combining her background in fine arts with the joy of caring for pets made perfect sense. Elif has a calm, empathetic nature that translates well through her patience and sensitivity o an animal's needs. It's important to her that our pets feel "heard" when they try to communicate with us. Even though she loves styling and scissor work, her focus remains on comfort and safety, your pet looking super cute is just a bonus. 

When you can't find Elif in the salon you can probably find her at home snuggling her sweet pup Kiera, or her little squad (formally called a "mischief") of pet rats. She enjoys sculpting, drawing, all things horses, comedy podcasts, true crime documentaries, and horror movies, and she dabbles in a little gaming. She's obsessed with all the mastiff breeds so please don't hesitate to come say hi with one in tow! 





Lily has been grooming since 2019. After graduating as a veterinarian, she decided to try grooming and fell in love with this profession. She specializes in Classic and Asian styles, but she also enjoys working with double-coated breeds. She periodically attends advanced training at various masterclasses. She is an aesthete and perfectionist in her work. 

Outside of grooming, she loves art, enjoying nature, traveling the world, and spending time with her friends. You can check out her work on her Instagram.

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