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Kitty Kardboard Abstract Pyramid

Kitty Kardboard Abstract Pyramid

C$70.00 Regular Price
C$42.00Sale Price

Kitty Kardboard® cat pyramids are a modern and stylish alternative to the the dirty Amazon box on every cat owner's floor. Featuring a super sleek structure and artistic surface design, Kitty Kardboard® pyramids provide a cozy hideaway for cats and a beautiful decor piece for their humans. They are consciously made in the USA out of recycled cardboard and are printed with water-based, biodegradable ink. They are flat packed in an effort to minimize carbon "paw"print and can be easily assembled in seconds by simply folding and tucking.



- flat-packed in a single piece of sturdy cardboard

- printed with biodegradable, water-based ink, so it's safe for your kitty AND the environment!

- super quick assembly by simply folding and tucking; no tools or adhesives needed.

- disassemble just as easily, if your want to take it with you while traveling, to free up some floor space, or if you want to alternate styles.

- try not to get it wet, but if it does, pat gently with a dry cloth.

- do not place in a high moisture or wet environment, or near a heater or open flame as this product is flammable.

- not intended for kittens under 6 months, or cats who are known to chew/eat cardboard.



- dimensions of pyramid when assembled: 20" x 20" x 20"

- the design features 4 walls, a base and one entrance

- entrance measures 11.5" x 11.5"

- best fits cats up to 18 pounds

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