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Pidan | Cat Litter Shovel Set

Pidan | Cat Litter Shovel Set


The Cat Litter Shovel Set stores the litter shovel, one shovel, two uses, a multi-functional dustpan. This is a cat litter shovel set which you can compactly store away by putting the shovel inside the container. Careful consideration has been paid regarding how it’s used and how it’s stored so that it is very user-friendly, as the shape of the shovel makes it easy to scoop, and the shape of the container including the inclination of the leading edge makes it easy to throw away cat litter, easy to set up and take away, and it can be stored away smartly. 


Made with premium ABS material, matte treatment, durable, and non-slip. So, it's more comfortable to hold.


Given the Good Design Award in 2020. 

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