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Furlou Harness

Furlou Harness


The Furlou Harness is a very comfortable and breathable strap-style harness. Completely adjustable in 4 points, right neck, left neck, left chest, right chest and belly. Distributes the pulling pressure evenly to the body avoiding choking. Gold O ring and D ring to attach the leash, clear and lightweight heavy-duty clips. Made of high-density polyester webbing and cross-stitched for maximum durability. Double clip in the back for easier removal. 




Extra Small Fits
Necks 7"-11"
Chest 12"-16"
15mm wide
Weighs 2oz


Small Fits

Necks 9.5"-15"

Chest 15"-22"

15mm wide

Weighs 2.5oz 


Medium Fits

Necks 12-20"

Chest 20-28"

20mm wide

Weighs 3.6oz 


Large Fits

Necks 16-26"

Chest 24-38"

25mm/1" wide

Weighs 5.7oz

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