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Swiss Cheese Durable Chew Toy

Swiss Cheese Durable Chew Toy


We've never met a dog that didn't like cheese! Even though this fun nylon chew toy isn't REALLY made of cheese, we think your dogs will love it! The holes on the surface can be smeared with peanut butter and other soft delicacies, turning this chew toy into an enrichment toy as well!


POWER CHEWERS: This ultra-durable nylon toy in the shape of a cheese wedge is designed and built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. Helps keep your dog entertained and solves problem-chewing behaviors. Made from innovative nylon and wood composite material.


    REDUCES PROBLEM BEHAVIORS: Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.


      FRESH BREATH: This toy helps keep your dog's teeth clean and freshens breath.


        ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Designed for dogs 15-80 lbs/7-36 kg.


          SAFE: Nylon material is FDA-compliant and non-toxic. 

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