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Tom & Sawyer Beef & Broccoli

Tom & Sawyer Beef & Broccoli


Run, don’t wok to the freezer! This meal is a canine take on the iconic Chinese dish, complete with anti-inflammatory ginger, crisp broccoli and tender, extra-lean ground beef, for a flavourful,  low-fat meal.



  • Made with restaurant-grade, extra-lean beef, and good for fat-restricted diets. Contains 25 grams of fat / 1000kcal, a suitable level for dogs with pancreatitis.
  • Goji berries support a healthy immune system, good vision, and overall gut health (and smaller, healthier poops!).
  • Organic white quinoa is a gluten-free pseudo-grain and healthy carbohydrate. Helps support metabolism, blood sugar levels and brain function.



Extra-lean ground beef, organic quinoa, broccoli, spinach, carrots, goji berries, ginger root, hemp seed oil, supplement blend.

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