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Tom & Sawyer Chicken Bone Broth 12oz Bottle

Tom & Sawyer Chicken Bone Broth 12oz Bottle


Packaged in re-sealable bottles, this nutricious and delicious chicken bone broth for dogs and cats carries many healthy benefits.


Please note: Once defrosted the broth is good for up to 7 days in the fridge. Do not leave at room temperature longer than 4 hours for food safety reasons.



  •  Improved Digestion
  •  Joint Health
  •  Boosts Immune System
  •  Supports Senior Pets
  •  Wholefood Multivitamin
  •  Inflammation reduction & more!
  •  Helpful tip: defrost and refreeze into smaller portions using an ice cube tray.


Ingredients: Chicken bones, white potatoes, carrots, celery,water, apple cider vinegar, digestive aid blend(dried yeast extract, chicory root extract, elderberry extract, thyme extract).

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