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Turkey Bites

Turkey Bites


Community Treats Turkey Bites offer a wide range of health advantages while being incredibly tasty. We combine the whole turkey, including giblets and other parts, to maximize the extraction of nutrients.


Turkey is recognized for its low-fat protein content, making it an ideal choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. The turkeys Community Treats source are raised humanely without using hormones or antibiotics.




Turkey, turkey organs, apple cider vinegar.



  • Lean Protein Source: Turkey provides high-quality, lean protein essential for dogs' health and well-being, supporting muscle development and bodily functions.

  • Easily Digestible: Turkey treats are highly digestible, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dietary sensitivities, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal issues.

  • Nutrient-Rich: Turkey is packed with vital nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium, and B vitamins, supporting immune function, healthy skin and coat, nerve function, and energy levels. Turkey treats offer a tasty snack with nutritional benefits.



Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and best consumed within two months. Or freeze for up to 1 year.

  • Feeding Guide

    Always monitor your dog while eating and ensure there is fresh water available. Small breeds can be fed one stick daily, up to 2 sticks daily for larger breeds.

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