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Veggie Garden Nosework | Enrichment Toy

Veggie Garden Nosework | Enrichment Toy


Get your pup their own little house plant!


This Veggie Garden Nosework Toy is a unique, fun, and super cute toy designed to keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated. It comes in 3 parts - pot, soil, and bak choy - each can be used to hide treats for snuffle play.



  • Different ways to set up the toy to increase difficulty and keep your pup feeling challenged and mentally stimulated
  • Various types of play with wrinkle paper and multiple treat pockets
  • Reinforced and strengthened with nylon lining for longer lasting quality
  • Beautiful design and neutral colors to fit into any home aesthetic
  • Made with non-toxic materials. Tested with ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standards.




Treat pocket: 1.2" width / 3cm width.


Recommended for smaller breeds such as poodles, mini goldendoodles, pomeranians.

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