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Dog Bath & Tidy

Includes a bath, blow-dry, nail trim, brush out/de-shedding, sanitary clip, bum and paws, ear cleaning & face trim. Great for in-between grooms to keep your pet’s coat matt-free. This is also the ideal booking for Puppy's First Groom, which allows for a proper puppy introduction to grooming.


Prices Start At:


Extra small (dogs under 10lbs) $100+

Small (10lbs - 20lbs) $115+


Medium (20lbs - 40lbs) $140+

Large (40lbs - 60lbs) $190+

Extra Large (61-90lbs) $ 215+

Giant ((91lbs and up) $260+

**If you have a Samoyed please book under Samoyed Service

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