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Animal Cat Collar Sky

Animal Cat Collar Sky


Our cat collars are handcrafted with lightweight yet durable vegetable-tanned leather, finished with our signature gold bell & safety release buckle. The result is a luxurious hand-painted leather collar that is super comfortable to wear yet tough enough to keep up with the demands of an active cat. You may notice your cat strutting in this collar but your cat won't. They'll barely notice it's there!
It features a safety breakaway buckle to help your cat escape from any dangerous adventures & fits like a glove with an easily adjustable slider for a streamlined profile.


To fit neck size 18 - 28cm, Width 1cm ( 7" - 11" ) - Features a handy breakaway buckle suitable cats over 2.5kg (over 5.5lbs)



Leather will patina with time and exposure to the elements. Normal wear will darken the leather as air, light, the oils of your dog's skin, and other environmental factors do their work, eventually developing into a rich tan colour. Prolong the life of the leather and hardware by keeping it away from water & chemicals.  Nice Digs leather collars and leashes are not for swimming or water immersion.


Clean your leather collars and leashes with a soft, damp cloth. Nourish the leather from time to time, with a wax/silicone-free leather conditioner but patch test first before overall application as it may darken the leather

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