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Earth Rated | Fly Toy

Earth Rated | Fly Toy

PriceFrom C$20.00

Prepare for takeoff with the Earth Rated fly toy, designed with benefits for everyone. Its hollow ring design, rolled edge and elevated profile make it easy for any dog or person to pick up and play with. Its soft material is gentle on your hands and your dog’s sensitive mouth, so there are no worries if you both get carried away while you play. Dogs see yellow, so we made it yellow. And it floats! Use it on water, land, or anywhere. The fun goes where you go.


A thoughtful reimagining of the traditional flying disc, the Earth Rated fly toy’s unique design makes it durable, safe and sure to bring maximum joy to your dog. This fly toy takes playtime to new heights with its soft feel and grippy texture. 

Safe play can be this simple. Please ensure to choose the right size for your dog by following the size chart below.

  • Size Chart

    Small 15 lbs - 35 lbs 7 kg - 16 kg
    Large 30 lbs - 65 lbs 13 kg - 30 kg


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