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Easily Collar

Easily Collar


This new collection is named Easily because easy is the experience we want for our customers - easy to use, easy to match, easy to wear. 

Every item in the Easily collection is made with soft, pliable nylon webbing. We custom make our webbing so that it's thinner and softer than most webbing out there. With a smooth silky finish, it is very comfortable to hold. 

Designed with a unique diamond jacquard weave, the pattern creates a beautiful two-toned effect. All of the webbing colors are custom dyed, so you're unlikely to find the same colors elsewhere. Even our buckles have been custom made to match the webbing color!

The Easily collar is extremely lightweight and easy to put on. We want your pup to feel comfortable while looking good. 

  • Size Chart

      Width of Webbing

    Neck Circumference





    XS/S 1.5 cm or 5/8"

    23 ~ 36 cm


    9" ~ 14"


    M/L 2 cm or 0.78"

    32 ~ 53 cm


    12.5" ~ 20.5"



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