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Roam Luxe Harness

Roam Luxe Harness

PriceFrom C$52.00

Roam Harness is a unique & original creation designed to join elegance, durability, and ease. From the soft light-weight material, to custom plated premium hardware, and distinct crossed strap design - the Roam Harness is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.


Key Features

  • Made with a beautiful lightweight and water-resistant nylon material  that's easy to clean
  • Custom plated premium hardware
  • Bottom of half of the buckle is plastic to keep the harness light
  • Unique crossed strap design combined with a full quilted front panel
  • Entire harness is padded with sandwich mesh for maximum comfort and protection
  • Crossed strap design makes it easy to slip the harness on & off. 
  • Unique silicone loop design to prevent harness from slipping left & right on pup's back when walking
  • Reinforced straps for durability



Please check the size chart carefully prior to purchasing. 

This harness is designed for those that primarily use the main ring on the back to walk their dogs, it can handle dogs' pulling when used this way. The front ring is not suitable for dogs that pull.

  • Watch video to learn how to put on harness with ease



  • Care

    Hand wash with warm water & lay flat to dry

    It's recommended that you wipe the hardware dry with towel to keep hardware in good condition

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