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Sprinkles Cat Scratcher

Sprinkles Cat Scratcher


Three ways to play with the Sprinkles Cat Scratcher.

Your cat has more fun because there are three ways to play with this scratching board.


  1. Your cat can use all its strength on this fine and closely made scratching board. It's durable to withstand and deplete your cat's destructive scratching force. 
  2. Your cat can crawl into the hole and make it as its private hideout. 
  3. Your cat can play with the bell ball that can keep it entertained all day long.


Made with the premium high-density corrugated paper, it's durable and wear-resistant, cut smooth and evenly, and neat and clean looking. 

Your cat can play with one triangular scratching board, or you can be creative and combine two scratching boards together for your cat to play.   

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