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Tick & Flea Defence

Tick & Flea Defence


Natural food supplement with healthy fats and herbs for natural protection against ticks and lice. Comes in powder form that is easily sprinkled on or mixed into wet food or dry food.


The active ingredients cistus herb, black cumin oil, brewer's yeast and coconut oil provide natural protection against ticks and lice. Thanks to high levels of polyphenols, the ingredients prevent the growth of microorganisms and fungi, as well as relieve inflammation. The ingredients are also rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that strengthen the immune system. Suitable for all dogs from 12 weeks.


Cistus herb 825 mg, brewer's yeast 825 mg, calcium carbonate 500 mg, protein hydrolyzate, black cumin oil 75 mg, coconut oil 25 mg.


2 g per 10 kg daily


Protein 5%, fat 6%, fiber 8.5%, ash 3.5%.

  • Against ticks & lice
  • Healthy fats
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Protection against parasites


Free from additives, grains, gluten and GMOs.

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